1) So I turned off the internet and went to bed with a book early last night because a) I could see a clusterfuck forming on ILX and b) I have a job interview today so I did not want to get sucked into anticipating and staying up all night watching an Interpol livestream in an impossible time zone. So I crawled off to bed with the book I am currently reading: Mod; A Very British Style (which traces the influence of Mod and Modernism from its late 50s/early 60s origin; through Carnaby Street; then Northern Soul and Skinhead; The Jam, Two Tone and 80s indie; right up through BritPop (and beyond?) So guess who turns up on page 308. GO AWAY INTERPOL, STOP FOLLOWING ME.

2) So yes, I have a job interview this afternoon and I’m feeling very weird about it. It’s for an organisation I really, really, really want to work for, like, panicking at how nervous I am at even the thought of interviewing for them. I don’t know if I can do the job. I mean, on paper, I certainly can, in fact, it’s the part of previous jobs I enjoyed doing the most. But this is not in terms of lacking technical or programming skills (which I’m pretty confident I can pick up and learn) but more the amount of social skills and diplomacy. I have no idea. I’ve done a huge amount of preparation and research for the role, which I don’t normally do. I’m that discombobulated. If I don’t get it, I will probably be devastated and who knows if I’ll survive the next round of disappointment/depression/hopelessness. If I do get it, I’ll be bricking myself even more.


just thinking how obstaclespecialist is missing all of this. I really miss all of the Interpolisms and witty photo sets that would be going on right now.

Me, too. I can’t even imagine how she would be freaking out and filing my dashboard and twitter with the funnies. (And probably teasing the hell out of me, going “you like it, you liiiiiiiike it, stop pretending you’re only in it for Brando, you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it!”

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(yeah I know there are other dudes in this band, but this is the important one AFAIC)

(yeah I know there are other dudes in this band, but this is the important one AFAIC)

Things I scribbled while listening to El Pintor

hahah, oh dear. Brandon told me that Kessler had learned to do a rather complicated guitar thing, of which he was “very proud”. (heart symbol) I believe this must be the complicated guitar thing, on My Desire! (Which I’ve had trouble not calling “My Fuckwant” for months now.)

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He is doing the Complicated Guitar Thing on Same Town, New Story, too! He really is like a small child with a new toy, it’s so adorable.

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Ah, My Blue Supreme, that’ll be the one that’s Fogarino’s Berlin-era Bowie fan fiction.

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I’m trying to work out if Everything Is Wrong = The One That Sounds Like Ride (or if there’s another one that sounds even more like Ride?) Because that fuzz bass, yeah,

Breaker 1 - I don’t care how much organ you pile on this and how DEEEEP the drums get, it’s still your fault that there’s no *real* TSM and biting their style does not endear you to me.

Tidal Wave - HI BRANDON. Ooh, I really like the bassline on this. Paul has such a better sense of rhythm, even if he tends to root note/octave basslines. The string (?) arrangements on this are fantastic; love the mellotron (?) sounding interlude. That outro! Wow. My shoes! The second from last song on every album is ALWAYS the best.

Twice As Hard - (heart symbol} Daniel’s wonky piano playing. And the bass on the intro/verse! It’s almost… jazzy. Dengler would never have permitted jazzy bass playing. I am liking this banks-bass thing so much. Kessler’s “Cigar Tube Full Of Wasps” guitar tone!

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I was really afraid I was not going to like this! Because everyone was saying “Best since Antics” and running down the S/T when I think the S/T is my favourite. But it feels like a natural progression on from S/T, plotting new ground rather than retreading past success. It’s a fuck of a lot dirtier and looser than S/T, more of a scrappy, live feel. Though I kinda liked the clean sterility of the production on S/T, it didn’t really suit them. (And I hated the production on OLTA.) They’ve kept the complexity of the arrangement from later albums, but brought back that beautiful shoegaze murk from the TOTBL era. I like Brandon’s organ. (fnar) I like Paul’s bass playing. I think I will fall in love with this album, too.

Kessler vs Reverb

Trying to explain the difference in sound between early Interpol and late Interpol, I’ve realised that the principle difference is the difference between this on the first two albums:

and this on the rest:

I mean, that is some Daddy vs Chips dilemma, because although they both sound GREBT, they have two very different and distinctive sounds.

This is Summer Well, off the S/T album that no one seems to like except deep obsessives. Which makes it a good place to start, in terms of coming to things with a clean palette and no assumptions (because so many of the songs off Turn On The Bright Lights and Antics are “Time And Place” triggers.)

It starts with a little, insistent hook of a piano, kind of a minimal Philip Glass half-a-riff, just like an itch, like something stuck in the back of your memory that you can’t quite get out. Interpol’s riffs tend to be like that, you keep thinking “I’ve heard that before somewhere but can’t place where…” until a few days later, it’s lodged itself in the back of your head like an itch you can’t reach.

Paul Banks’ lyrics. Let’s just get this out of the way. The first time you hear them, you’re probably going to think “jesus, that’s a dumb pun, did he really just say that?” After 4 or 5 listens, the dumb puns start to feel comforting, even welcome. After 20 listens they somehow become truly profound. I know. His voice is marmite; if you can get used to Michael Stipe’s nasal whine, you can get used to Banks’. You’ll come around, some time. He will surprise you.

When the skittering rimshots give way and the drums kick into the full kit, that’s when the song takes off. One of the best things about Interpol are the drums, they provide the structure of the songs, shifting rhythms from offbeat accentuation to straight 4/4 that punctuate verse from chorus, because the rest of the instrumentation tends to be so gauzy, the reverbed-out “shugazi” guitars, the basslines that don’t act like basslines*.

*Yes, I know. That’s the point. “Bassline carrying the melody” is a hallmark of post-punk, though the idea has been around since Motown days. (Sing me any Motown song and chances are it’s the Carol Kaye or the James Jamerson riff you’re going to hum.) It’s not Dengler’s melodicity that bothers me, it’s his utterly ham-fisted approach to rhythm. His stiltedness is not so annoying on this song because Fogarino really plays around between the brutalist underpinning of the bassline, changing back and forth between that skittering hi-hat work and the more motorik choruses. Without it, the tiny clockwork piano and hazy pillows of echo guitar wouldn’t work. The dynamics all come from the drums - you can call it dancefloor dynamics or drone dynamics - but those moments the drums peel back to kick and the piano expands off into space like mist on a rainy day, ah, it gets me every time.



Haha now I totally have a new project to get RedPantsAddict EndOfMyBed to start actually *liking* Interpol as opposed to just lusting after Kessler booty. YESSSSS. I shall infect him. Like herpes. mwah hahahahhahahahah

I’m very excited tbh.

OK, I’m gonna do about one a day and tag it with “Interpol Infection” (and your screen name obviously) because literally 90% of the Interpol fanbase hates my fucking guts and wants me to go away and does not want to read me rambling about how much I love them and how much I hate the fact that I love them.

Haha now I totally have a new project to get RedPantsAddict EndOfMyBed to start actually *liking* Interpol as opposed to just lusting after Kessler booty. YESSSSS. I shall infect him. Like herpes. mwah hahahahhahahahah
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Hot damn, people do not know how to crop a concert photo

Hot damn, people do not know how to crop a concert photo